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Solar Chargers

The industry of solar power is expanding rapidly. This is has led to high prices of solar chargers. Giftwrap is proud to offer you economical pricing for smaller solar charger items that are usually in short supply. Giftwrap offers two chargers, Nab solar charger is safe as it comes with ABS silicone cover. It is over discharge and short circuit protected. It has micro USB port and mini USB ports for tablets and smartphones. It is capable of charging two devices simultaneously. It is easily portable and light weight. It is safe to use. Giftwrap has given the facility to customize the charger according to your preference. Charger is available in 2 colours. The other charger is a solar charger that has the built-in 500mAh output capacity lithium polymer battery equipped with a compact solar panel. It allows recharging the battery itself under sunlight for emergency purpose while outdoor. The solar charger has USB outputs. The charging time is 8.5 hours. Solar charger can be modified using the engraving method. It is easy to use. The next time you need to charge your laptops or mobile, you don't need to look for a wall outlet. You just need the solar chargers by Giftwrap.