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Rubik's Cubes

Please browse through the Rubik's Cubes below. If you are interested in a Rubik's Cube click the 'Request Quotation' link next to each Rubik's Cube product. A customer service consultant will contact you with a quote. Price estimate excludes branding, VAT and volume discounts apply.

3 x 3 Rubik's Keychain Cube. If you are stylish and want to derive entertainment while on the move, you can buy one of those 3x3 Rubiks keychain cube. Attractively designed and made from the best available materials, these games are a must have for everyone. It does serve the dual purpose of a game as well as a keychain. It is durable and you can use it for a very long time. they also make excellent gifts.
Prod Code:
3 x 3 Rubiks Keychain Cub
R 18.72 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 21.34 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:1000
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
This magic key ring is made from ABS material and is in a square shape; the puzzle cube is attached to the key ring with a chain; the puzzle cube key ring comes in different colors and has a digital print, it can be printed upon or branded by a company to promote their advert brands, keys are attached to the key rings and the puzzle are played; order for yours now.
Prod Code:
Puzzle cube keyring
R 22.72 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 25.90 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:200
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
This keyring complements utility with a creative design. It is made from high quality ABS which makes it very sturdy and resistant to wear and abrasions. Attached with the keyring is a puzzle cube. The keyholder is available in a wide variety of different colours. Despite its seemingly bulky design, the keyring is quite lightweight. You can further customise it with the addition of digital print.
Prod Code:
Puzzle cube keyring
R 32.26 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 36.78 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:100
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
Brand your very own Rubik Twist Cube to make your marketing or gift a little more personal with an added sparkle.
Prod Code:
Rubiks Twist
R 40.64 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 46.33 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:1000
Size:405mm (Length)
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
3x3 Rubik's cube. Do you love to play puzzles all the time and keep you entertained and your mind sharp? Then you should purchase the 3 x 3 Rubiks Cube. It is a great game that can be played by every person, at any point of time desired. This game can accompany you wherever you go. Being made from high quality materials and designed beautifully, you will not have any problem taking it out in front of the crowd.
Prod Code:
3 x 3 Rubiks Cube
R 65.12 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 74.24 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:500
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding