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PVC Ponchos are worn on a day to day basis by women in order to cover themselves well. If you are looking for a decent PVC poncho, try the one at the Giftware. The poncho is incredible when it comes to protecting you; whether you want to be protected by the rain or the wind, the frosted PVC poncho is a good catch. You can try to put on the poncho and you will be amazed to realize that it has a one size fits all policy so fitting issues will not be a concern. If you want a decent poncho to cover yourself right, Giftware’s frosted PVC poncho might be your best bet. It is unique and it makes sure that you are covered well from any harmful particles or things.

Frosted PVC Poncho

Frosted PVC rain Poncho
Minimum Quantity
Turnaround Time
Colours Available
R 71.09

Frosted PVC rain Poncho

1 size fit most, 125 x 101.5cm