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Paper Cube Holders

Please browse through the Paper Cube Holders below. If you are interested in a Paper Cube Holder click the 'Request Quotation' link next to each Paper Cube Holder product. A customer service consultant will contact you with a quote. Price estimate excludes branding, VAT and volume discounts apply.

Many would not know the importance of this paper cube holder, till you are given a promotion that will need you to move your materials to a new office. It is a square shape, deep enough to contain materials, and in a different style. Although made from cardboard it can hold office material in the course of a move and can also be used to store up a valuable document at the office.
Prod Code:
Paper cube holder 1
R 6.00 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 6.84 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:500
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
Here is the smart Paper cube holder 2 which is a paper cube holder present with a lid to cover the things inside. The paper cube holder 2 is made up of high quality cardboard. There are various colors available and the cube holder can be customized by digital printing anything on it. Moreover, it is available at an affordable price. So, buy your paper cube holder 2 and customize it for making it more special.
Prod Code:
Paper cube holder 2
R 6.74 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 7.68 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:500
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
Paper cube holder 3 tends to be a great paper cube holder made from cardboard. You can buy the paper cube holder and use it in your room for storing different things that are scattered around everywhere. You can customize the paper cube holder by digital printing your name, any other text or even a logo and use in office or gift to your partners and friends too. There are various colors available providing you with completely personalized paper cube holder.
Prod Code:
Paper cube holder 3
R 7.60 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 8.66 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:500
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding