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Olive Sets

Apart from regular items, having something unique as you cutlery attracts a lot of people. The olive set is that one thing which can be seen as a beautiful addition to your cutlery. Gift-wrap has an olive gift pack for you that contains an olive box and a spoon. Both of these things are packed in a single highly presentable box. You can get it customised by different engraved patterns. It is also the best thing to gift to your loved ones. Collecting cutlery is a hobby more than a habit. People who like collecting cutlery of different types are always looking for something unique and nice that they can add to their collection. If you have people in your social circle who are fond of such cutlery then it is a great gift that you can give them away. It will also work as a great corporate gift for all your clients as well. Made with good-quality stainless steel, this set comes with a small olive bowl, a spoon and a packing box. Get it branded and customized with your company's image or logo at Giftwrap to add it to a great stylized giveaway for your clients.