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Dome Key Rings

We need key rings to hold our keys right. Of course there is a need for key rings wherever there are keys and when it comes to key rings, let's not forget the collection at Giftwrap. Giftwrap has a nice collection of dome key rings to offer. These key rings are unique and fulfill every and any purpose that there might be. The first one of the key rings at Giftwrap is the oval dome key holder which contains a recess for a full color dome sticker. The second is the quantum dome key ring which is a simple key ring that comes with a split ring. The third is the orbitz dome key ring, which is made out of PU material and comes with a dome key ring and a split ring. You can choose to get this key ring in a range of colors including white, black, red, green or any other; the choice is yours. Finally, Giftwrap also offers the big screen dome key holder. This is a key ring that comes with an aluminum key holder and it is ideal for day to day usage. Whether you want a nice key ring that you can carry around with ease, the dome key rings are an ideal choice.