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Your journey to giving great corporate gifts starts with GiftWrap

Looking to say “Thank You” to that client who has supported your company as it grew? Perhaps you are looking to break the ice with that new market that you would like to start catering for? Maybe you want to give the best possible first impression at an expo? Corporate gifts are not just a gimmick that you give randomly, they are part of a multi-million rand industry that has a massive role in the marketing industry.

What are corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts are those items given to customers or given away at expos to promote the business and grow the client base. Promotional gifts are usually branded with a company’s details, such as their name, contact details, and logo, which serve as a reminder to support the company in the future. This is why promotional items have become an important part of the marketing process and it is also why companies continue to use such gifts in their campaigns.

Some of the most popular corporate products are those which have staying power. The longer a customer keeps a promotional gift, the more likely a customer is to support a company.

For years companies have been looking for the right recipe for the type of marketing campaign that will give them a boost and increase their profits. And when companies finally started getting it right, they found that corporate gifts actually made a big difference. With today’s marketing, it is almost unheard of to not include some promotional items. They are the biggest conversation starters and they are also the tools that will go a long way in giving your company a reputable brand name. There are many reasons why corporate gifts are so popular, but the 2 biggest reasons why you should have them are as follows:

They are going to be attention grabbing, shining a bright light on your company. And this attention can bring in the business.

They act as a reminder of your company, telling people again and again why they should be supporting your company.

The right way to choose corporate gifts

Not all promotional gifts are the same. Lots of thought and lots of care need to be given when you are choosing your corporate gifts. Choosing the wrong promotional item could result in a waste of your money with no return on the investment you have made. The selection process is important and here is how you can get it right:

Set a budget and stick to it

Most successful promotional gifts are those that are not overly expensive. When you set a budget you are not going to be wasting your money but you will also be able to buy a certain amount of gifts. Many companies choose to buy gifts in bulk. This allows them to give many gifts, reaching more customers than would be possible when giving just a few expensive gifts.

Corporate gifts must be useful

One of the biggest killers of promotional items has to do with the gift not being useful to the person receiving it. One of the ultimate aims of this form of marketing is that the gift is kept for a long time. Sadly promotional gifts that have no use are usually thrown away. What you consider being useful might differ among your demographic, which is where knowing your market becomes very important.

A little sales talk never hurts

When you give your promotional items, don’t do it silently. Now is the time to be a little chatty. You are after all giving your gifts with the hope of getting some business in return. Engage with your customers and make that unforgettably good first impression. Let your customers know why you have chosen to give that corporate gift, and then talk a bit about your company. When you have a conversation with your customers you are helping to build up the trust. Remember that trust is priceless, and it is going to help you build up your client base.

Don’t be afraid to give a special gift

There will always be those customers who have been loyal to your company from the start and they deserve to get a special, perhaps more expensive gift. Pricier, personalised gifts can also be given to shareholders and employees. Corporate products are not just for your customers.

Corporate items are available at affordable prices which are what makes the option of giving gifts one that every company should look at doing. And we have the ability to set ourselves apart from all of our competitors by stocking just about every item you could possibly think of. From bonsai trees, to braai equipment and even chocolates. If you can think of a gift that you would like to give to your clients or staff, you can find it at GiftWrap. If you don’t see the item you want, have a chat with us.

Just about all of the items we have for sale can be branded with your company’s details, and once we have branded your bulk order, we will deliver your goods not only in South Africa but also to other African nations. We want to assist you in making your marketing a success. Our corporate gifts can be distributed and delivered throughout South Africa and Africa.

GiftWrap has a selection of over 10 000 promotional items. Use our gifts to make a memorable impression and start enjoying the rewards of good marketing techniques.