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Itís time to add promotional gifts to your marketing

With many years of experience in providing clients with relevant, useful and reliable promotional gifts and advice, GiftWrap has become South Africaís biggest and most innovative promotional gift wholesaler, importer and manufacturer. We sell corporate gifts online, making it easier than ever before to stock up on those premium corporate gifts that are guaranteed to get people talking. And that is exactly what you want promotional products to do.

Promotional items have a long history in the marketing profession and they remain as popular as ever. GiftWrap stocks the biggest selection of promotional items and we offer an additional service of adding personalized branding (including logos and details embroidered on products).

Why promotional gifts?

The meaning of corporate gifts can take many forms. For some companies, promotional gifts are to be used exclusively at events while other companies are happy to hand out promotional items all year round.

When we talk about corporate gifts we mean any gift that is given to a person by a business. The purpose of giving such gifts can vary from marketing and boost a brand to introducing new products to simply saying thank you for the support. GiftWrap stands out from other corporate gift suppliers by stocking every item you can think of. What makes our promotional products different is that we offer the option of branding your product, giving it that personalized touch. We also sell our corporate gifts online, making it easier to buy the products you are looking for. Branded corporate gifts are exceptionally effective when it comes to your marketing and are a definite paying investment to make.

The most successful corporate gift ideas

While there is a wide range of corporate gifts to choose from, some ideas stand out further than others. What makes a corporate gift a success is not only the staying power of the gift but also whether or not the gift is relevant to the company giving it.

To benefit from your corporate gifts, it is always safe to give something that is not out of place in your industry. Another way to benefit from giving corporate gifts is to make sure that your gifts have staying power. This means including branding, making sure that the gift is useful and making sure that the gift you give is unique. Boring gifts normally donít make the cut and this is why you wonít find a boring gift in our store. Here are a few of the corporate gift ideas that have proven successful time and again:

  • USB flash drives
  • Chocolates
  • T-shirts
  • Caps
  • Water bottles
  • Pens
  • Key rings
  • Bookmarks
  • Personalizes

Each of these gifts has some things in common. Each of them can be given the power of branding. Personalized corporate gifts have that staying power that you are looking for. Branded gifts are more memorable, and if the gift is useful and branded then your clients are going to be using the gift often. This means they will be reminded of your company. GiftWrap provides personalized branding for all the gifts in our shop.

Premium corporate gifts for that touch of class

Some of your customers have been loyal from the start and they deserve to be thanked the right way. This means that your average promotional items simply wonít do. Luckily, GiftWrap keeps a wide range of premium corporate gifts that are suitable for your more important clientele. Giving the kinds of gifts that would be considered premium will most definitely show your clients that you really appreciate their support while at the same time encouraging them to continue supporting you. Wines, leather bound diaries and special gift baskets are all popular premium corporate gifts that we stock.

GiftWrap can help you select the right corporate gifts both online and off so that you get the most out of this unique marketing technique. When shopping online you will see that our corporate gifts are displayed with the price, simplifying your online shopping. You can change the way that your company is seen by allocating part of your marketing budget to branded corporate gifts.

Marketing can be made fun and creative when you choose the right promotional items! Contact us to revolutionise your marketing!

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