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Chef Knife Sets

Working with knives is a major component of a chef's routine. These knives need to be sharp to cut through everything faster. Our Chef's knife sets do just that, by providing quality results. These are made from the finest material. You can order them at wholesale quantity. Customizing the knives with logo is an added option.

Wooden block with 5 chef knife; 6 de boning knife; scissors; 5 utility knife and 3.5 paring knife
Prod Code:
Kitchen Set in Wooden Blo
R 87.98 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 100.30 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:50
Size:10.3 x 5.3 x 26cm
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
Knife Set including 6 Steak knifes and a wooden display box to place knifes into (Stab block)
Prod Code:
Quill Steal Knife Set
R 121.60 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 138.62 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:30
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
6' Stainless steel chef's knife and bamboo cutting board
Prod Code:
Chef's knife and board
R 235.44 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 268.40 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:15
Size:30x20 cm
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
6 Piece Colour Non Stick Knife Set; Stainless Steel /pp; 8 Chef Knife; PP Stand;
Prod Code:
6 Piece Colour Non Stick
R 319.98 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 364.78 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:10
Size:17cm x 7cm x 36.5cm
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
Stainless steel knife set with black wood stand; includes paring knife; utility knife; bread knife; chef knife; carving knife with integrated handles and curved stainless steel stand
Prod Code:
5 Piece Knife Set in Curv
R 479.98 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 547.18 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:10
Size:26.2 x 13.2 x 17.4cm
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
Knife Set including 6 different blades made of 420J2 Stainless Steel and one blade holder (Handle) in a roll up display bag
Prod Code:
Kershaw Delux Blade Trade
R 778.56 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 887.56 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:10
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding