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Products for Cell Phone Protectors

Phones do not come cheap and it is very important to keep them protected from scratches or from succumbing to a fall that would break and crack to an unrepairable state. At Giftwrap deal with cell phone protectors that would help protect your cell phones and give them a cool colorful look. Cell phone protectors with animations, colorful imageries, and an option to customize them with dye sublimation. You can always get them branded with your company’s logo and brand image to give them away as a corporate gift or a personal gift as well. They will make as a great corporate giveaway.

Full colour cellphone protector

Stretch to fit your phone; full colour branding
Minimum Quantity
Turnaround Time
Colours Available
Dye sublimation
R 14.45

Stretch to fit your phone; full colour branding

75 x 113