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Corporate Wine Boxes

When giving gift of a nice wine bottle to someone but you don't want to use the brown paper. Then is the solution Giftwrap offers you wine boxes. Solely designed to fit wine bottles, these wine boxes are perfect for giving your gift of a wine bottle and add extra touch of sophistication. These wine boxes helps you keep the wine bottle safe. There are two wine boxes you can choose from. Swartland wine holder that is made from jute material with transparent plastic front and bamboo carry handles. It can aslo be customized with screen printing. And the other is Merlot Wine Set. This is made from MDF case which allows it to be dense, flat and stiff. Because it is made up of fine particles it does not have an easily recognizable surface grain. It also consists of corkscrew & leak-proof ring, 2CR14 stainless steel and a stopper. The Merlot wine set can be customized with laser engraving technique. The box includes a hinged lid with a clasp closure. Giftwrap offers you the most sophisticated wine boxes to impress everyone.