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Conference Badge Holders

A business that pays attention to detail is a business that knows how much the little things matter. If you are you looking for the picture-perfect accessories to add to your business event then conference badge holders are something that makes a huge difference. Conference badge holders must be your first choice for any meeting. We offer a high-quality but inexpensive badge holders which easily fit and nicely display your cards. Unlike tacky, cheap plastic holders, these retractable badge holders come with crocodile clips that can easily be snapped onto any shirt or blouse. The double plastic holder will ensure that your card does not slip off at any point. It is strong and sturdy and does not crack even under extremely heavy weight. It is fully enclosed and the mechanism on the back makes it easy to slip in any card. Excellent for especially those people who need to wear a badge on a regular basis. This product is most useful for airports, inspectors, and government employees etc. A top notch badge holder for top-notch businesses.