Top 5 Promotional Gifts for Business

Top 5 promotional gifts for business

Calendars are the only promotional gifts that will be used and seen the whole year, 29% of those given a promotional gift will keep it for at least a year. The USB stick is currently the most popular promotional gift to give, because it is a versatile item that can be used every day. When selecting the promotional gifts that are going to make your business memorable, you need to know which items are going to prove the most popular, and be kept and be used the longest. Clients who receive a gift are around 15% more likely to shop from the company who they have received a gift from.

Giftwrap knows the power of a well thought out promotional gift and this is why they keep a large stock of the most popular gifts. Promoting a business can be done more effectively when you are making an impact on the people who you are reaching. Being memorable is going to make the difference between your company making the kind of impact that is needed to make money and your company missing the mark every time.

  1. Give pens


People are going to use a pen on a daily basis and with each use of the pen the person using it is going to see the branding that you have placed on it. This is going to be their continuous reminder that you offer great products at great prices. You can choose to have an expensive pen that is given to your more important clients or partners or you can choose to have a cheaper pen that will be used for promoting your business to the general public and potential clients.

  1. T-shirts


Everyone likes to receive a free T-shirt. Politicians know this very well, have you noticed how often T-shirts with political party branding are distributed when election time rolls around? This is because they know that people like to receive free clothing and that they will wear it. A nice colour and an interesting design that represents your company is all that you need to spark the interest of people which will be enough encouragement for them to wear it.

  1. Give away carry bags


People are going to use carry bags for a number of things throughout their day. Shopping, sport, or just a bag to place hobby crafts in, giving away a nice bag with your company logo or slogan on it will be enough to make an impact. Wherever they take the bag, people will see the promotional designs and they will                                             remember it in future when they need a product.

  1. Water bottles for sports


These days’ people are rarely leaving their homes without a bottle of water. People are using water bottles more than ever before and they are always on the lookout for a stand out water bottle. Water bottles that are easy to carry around, and those that have your company logo or other type of design on them is going to be a great choice of promotional gift.

You can take it one step further by offering to have a water stand at a running event or maybe even contribute water bottles to the gift bags that are given to runners after the race. This is a great way to reach many people with your branding and your branding will continue to be effective even after the race.

  1. Leather bags


There are going to be those customers who spend more money and who are always supportive of your business. These clients will deserve more than a pen or T-shirt as a way to say thank you for their loyal support over the years. Leather bags for paperwork or leather bags to carry a laptop are the ultimate promotional gift for the client who is giving you the most support. And no one is going to throw away a bag like this. Your branding can easily be placed on such a bag and it will be seen for many years to come.

The best things that you can give to a client or potential client as a promotional gift will be those items that they can use again and again. Clients want those gifts that they are given to serve a purpose. A pamphlet will be tossed away after being read no matter how beautifully laid out it is or how wonderful the message that it is spreading is. But a USB port is going to give the client many years of good use and as a result such a gift will not be thrown away.

The power of promotional gifts and products 

Promotional gifts are used by those businesses who are serious about setting themselves apart from the rest. First and foremost a promotional gift is designed with the aim of boosting a company’s brand recognition. For most companies this is the goal as they know that the more recognisable their brand is, the more customers and sales they are likely to have. With this in mind most companies are going to choose a promotional gift that is desired by the customer, a gift that can be used.

Promotional items can be affordable enough to reach the masses. A small price to pay for a big impact is the start of an increase in sales and an increase in a company’s profits. The promotional gift can also increase the loyalty of the customers. Giving away such a gift to your clients is one of the best ways to say thank you.

Think of your promotional gift as a different type of business card, they can make the same impact and supply the same information but they are more interesting and they are more fun. When you combine your business card and an interesting promotional gift you will be making an even bigger impact than if you were just giving out a business card.

Did you know that 76% of people who had received a promotional gift from a company had developed a better liking for the company and that around 45% of people who receive a promotional gift will use it at least once a day?

At Giftwrap we have over 10 000 promotional gifts for you to choose from which can be personalised with your companies details. Start making an impact on your market today by giving out promotional items. Contact Giftwrap when you are ready to increase your business and your profits.

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