Combining the power of corporate gifts and social media

What is a company without social media? Most companies have an online presence that works as part of their marketing strategy. A social media presence is one effective and affordable way to boost the image of a company, but what if you combined the power of social media with the power of corporate gifts?

Social media and corporate gifts can work together to boost your brand
Social media and corporate gifts can work together to boost your brand

Corporate gifts hold a lot of power and they are designed to be an effective long lasting marketing tool that will assist you in getting your company name out there. Putting plenty of time and effort into choosing, branding and distributing your corporate gifts can benefit you as much as your social media is likely to benefit you, should you be using it properly. Much like social media, your return on investment when it comes to your corporate products is very important. It will reflect the success of your campaign and it will also reflect the amount of further income you can expect to receive from the successful campaign.

Corporate gifts last long. This is because people are less inclined to dispose of them, especially if the gift is useful. You can use the long lifespan of the products to give your social media a boost if you do it the right way. At the end of the day, your social media and your corporate gifts are working towards the same goal, bringing you more income and making your business a success. Here are three ways that you can combine your corporate gifts and your social media to make a bigger impact on your profit.

Start a hashtag campaign

People are using hashtags on social media to popularise trends, ideas and topics. Hashtags are most commonly used on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and users place a word after the hashtag as a way for other users with similar thoughts and trends in mind, to find them. But the hashtag is also a great way to see how people are interacting with your brand and following what you have to say.

You can promote a hashtag that is related to your company by printing it onto the promotional gifts that you are giving away and then by encouraging people to repeat the hashtag on social media. This will boost the attention that you company will get while the promotional gift will also grow in popularity.

Hashtag campaigns and corporate gifts work equally well together
Hashtag campaigns and corporate gifts work equally well together

Promote your sales staff on social media

If you place photographs of your staff on your social media and promote those who are doing your sales, you might just find that people are more willing to engage with your company and accept your promotional gifts. By promoting your staff and then creating personalised corporate products exclusively for those special clients, you might find your brand enjoying more attention. People like to know who is offering them a product.

Place a QR code on your promotional products

QR codes are very flexible and they can be printed on almost any type of material. These codes can be read when they are scanned with a special smartphone app. You can easily have these codes printed on your promotional products and thus merge your social media and your corporate gifts.

Your social media holds a lot of power and when you decide to merge your social media and your corporate gifts, more people will have the opportunity to engage with your brand. At GiftWrap, we have a wide variety of corporate gifts for you to choose from, all at affordable prices.

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