5 promotional gifts to give during the festive season

It is quite something when you think that the festive season is once again upon us. The year has passed by in a blur and we are again approaching the season of giving. Have you thought about what your company is going to be giving this year?

The festive season is one of the best times to give away promotional gifts

To give you a head start in finding the perfect holiday promotional gifts, we have compiled a quick list that will simplify your holiday shopping experience and still allow you to make an impact with your gifts.

Chocolates and sweets in a beautiful box

Using chocolates as promotional items will provide you with endless opportunities to promote your brand. Giving away sweets and chocolates in a special little box with your branding on it will be a memorable gift to give and people are simply going to love this simple but highly effective gesture. If you are not keen on giving away chocolate, you can always give away biscuits, fudge, truffles, brownies or savoury goodies such as peanuts, biltong or pretzels.

This option will really allow you to customise your gift and make it something special. If you give your gift away in a special box you can be sure that the box is going to be kept by those receiving the gift.

The gift of chocolate is always welcome and chocolate boxes can double as promotional items

Miniature tools and torches personalised with your branding

Keeping tools in a handbag, cubby hole or attached to your belt is something that many people will not do without. Miniature tools are great gifts to give away at this time of the year, when they are branded with your logo and company details you will enjoy plenty of success with giving your company branding a big boost. Small flashlights are equally fantastic gifts, especially as load shedding is always a possibility in our country.

Easy to manage cooler bags

These are ideally given at this time of the year when people are going to be preparing their Christmas meals in the heat and will need a cool place to keep the food should they be preparing food in one place and taking it to another. Cooler bags are generally just a great gift to give because they are always handy. Hiking trips, road journeys or even just defrosting a deep freeze at home, people can always use a cooler bag. And as South Africa is currently experiencing strange weather patterns that are leaving various regions of the country sweltering in the intense heat, a cooler bag to keep the ice cream cool is just the thing people would love to receive as promotional gifts.

Cooler bags are relatively cheap and they can be easily branded just in time for the holidays.

Board games, card games and puzzles

Most people take their annual leave at this time of the year when companies start closing up shop for the year. To keep busy but to still relax during their off time, many people turn to games. Socialising with family members will also oftentimes be a great opportunity to bring everyone together and play cards. You can personalise the game in numerous ways such as by printing your logo on the box or on the actual game. Each time they play your game your branding is going to be seen by everyone.

Board games such as Dungeons and Dragons can bring the whole family together during the holidays

Branded water bottles

Branded bottles for travelling, along with branded coffee mugs, are a really great way to get your brand moving. Travelling mugs are always welcomed by those who are heading off on various travels and want a convenient way to carry their drinks.

This is the time of year to start organising those promotional gifts you will be giving away this year. For these items and more you can find them in our easy to use online shop


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