18 quick compelling reasons why you still need promotional gifts

Almost every piece of advice regarding marketing and promoting your business will mention promotional gifts somewhere. Promotional products are often the reason why a company does so well with their marketing, why they make such an impact. Even the smallest promotional item has the power to make the biggest impact within your market.

The world might soon be going through some tough times and so it is more important than ever before to make sure that you have all of the marketing magic available to you. Companies that give away promotional gifts are sure to be a hit, even statistics prove that promotional gifts can be a huge success.

Promotional items are popular among non-profit companies
Promotional items are popular among non-profit companies


Here are 18 interesting facts about promotional products and why they are a success (statistics were collected in the USA but can be applied to countries around the world):

  1. At least 31% of Americans own a bag that has promotional branding on it.
  2. 53% of people who receive useful promotional products will use them once a week.
  3. Only 1 in 5 people will throw away an unwanted promotional gift.
  4. 55% of people who receive promotional products in the USA have already done business with the company in the past and 85% of people who receive a gift will do business with the company afterwards.
  5. In the US, bags make the biggest impression among those who receive them.
  6. Bags and writing instruments are the cheapest gifts to give.
  7. More than 50% of promotional gifts create a good impression for the person giving it.
  8. Promotional items are on average kept for 6 months.
  9. 69% of people would choose a promotional item based on its usefulness.
  10. 63% of people who receive a gift will pass the gift on when they no longer want it.
  11. 89% of people who are given a gift will remember the gift for up to 2 years even if they have given it away.
  12. 91% of people keep a promotional item in the kitchen.
  13. The number one reason cited for keeping a corporate gift is its usefulness. Writing instruments, computer products and health products all come a close second.
  14. The first trade show promoting corporate gifts took place in 1914.
  15. Men are likely to keep hats and shirts while women are likely to keep bags and writing instruments.
  16. The top industries that give promotional products are finance, education, non-profit, construction and healthcare.
  17. Promotional gifts have the power to draw around 500% more referrals from clients who are happy with the gifts that they get.
  18. Promotional gifts used alongside other media improve the effectiveness of the media by up to 44%.
The statistics prove that promotional gifts remain ideal to give.
The statistics prove that promotional gifts remain ideal to give.

Promotional gifts are the best way that you can make your company more popular and if you are looking to boost your company you should give away promotional gifts. They are a sure way to get your company noticed. With Gift Wrap’s wide selection of corporate gifts, you will find the ideal gift to give.

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