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Wooden Pens

Wooden pens are unique, authentic and make sure that they always stand out. Giftwrap offers its users a hand crafted wooden pen that is made in South Africa from exotic hard woods. Its metal parts are made from gold titanium so it is an all rounder pen that you can also choose to get engraving done on. Unique and stylish, these wooden pens are great for daily use and best for fans of art. Pens are always a perfect gift to be given out. A sophisticated giveaway that can be given out on any occasion. This particular pen is handcrafted to perfection and made from exotic hard wood. The metal part is made from gold titanium to give the pens a strong antique feel. The pen holder is also a part of the deal to give the gift a more personal look. You can always give the holder a pen a personalized touch with our custom printing options. The sturdy wooden pen, a customized holder with a strong earthy feel by Giftwrap; what else would you need to make up for a perfect personal, corporate, and promotional gift.