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Whiskey Glasses Drinkware

Whiskey glasses are a must part of your crockery either at your home or office. Gift-wrap offers a range of whiskey glasses. You can have the one that you like. The different types include whiskey glass 250 ml which can be customised with sandblasting. The second one is whiskey glass that can be customised in different colours. Other two includes whisky square glasses 280ml or clear whisky glasses. Every household needs a nice whiskey glass that they can add in their homes and drink whiskey in. if you are a home that needs a good whiskey glass, the collection at Giftwrap is one you cannot miss. Giftwrap offers three types of whiskey glasses, the 250ml one, the simple whiskey glass and finally, the whiskey square, a 280ml glass. All glasses are great for holding whiskey when and where you want and are also great for day to day use. For those who want a nice whiskey glass, the collection at Giftwrap is one you cannot miss.

A whiskey glass is short, tulip shaped, can only contain 250 ml of liquid, transparent, and has a very hard bottom, breaks when handled carelessly, mostly used to drink liquor and enjoyed with ice or mixed with soda, has a smooth feel. Mostly used in bars and hotels this glass is most preferred for whiskey, because of its height and easy handling. It is very easy to spot a whiskey glass.
Prod Code:
Whiskey Glass 250ml
R 6.08 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 6.93 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:500
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
Get the most pretty and elegant looking set of whiskey glass from Giftwrap for yourself to present your guests with some fine quality whiskey in them. You can also get the set to gift them to your near and dear ones. The presence of fine quality and an elegant looking set of whiskey glass is surely going to add more to the presentation of your table and make for a good drinking experience.
Prod Code:
Whiskey Glass
R 7.60 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 8.66 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:500
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
Our Whisky square glass is short, and the bottom is hard and square like shape but the top is circular. the principal reason for this glass is to drink liquor, it is clear, you can view the content of the glass, shatters when used carelessly, can find it in different designs, comes in a set, can hold 280 ml of a liquid substance, get yours so as to use them at home.
Prod Code:
Whiskey Square 280ml
R 8.64 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 9.85 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:500
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding
Clear whisky glasses X4
Prod Code:
Clear Whisky glasses
R 651.44 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 742.64 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:10
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding