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Vintage Sand Timers

Want a reliable sand timer for your home or office? If yes then look no further as Giftwrap might have something that you may just be looking for. Offering the small vintage timer in leather pouch and the vintage sand timer in wooden box, the former comes in a leather pouch that ensures its sturdiness while the latter comes in a wooden box. Both are essentially more or less the same and serve their purpose well. There are two different types of vintage sand timers that you can find at Giftwrap. One is the small vintage timer available in leather pouch. It is a vintage sand timer that you can find in a leather pouch. The leather pouch will hold this and you can be sure to realize that it will hold it well. The second is the vintage sand timer in wooden box. This is a vintage sand timer in wooden box that the wooden box can easily hold and be steady containing it. A great find, both of these can be used to be placed on room or room shelves. And the fact that they are made out of wood is all the more intriguing.