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Vanity Bags

A vanity bag is a small luggage case that can be used to carry cosmetics and toiletries. Talking about beauty products, it can be the perfect addition to your list of must-haves. It makes an ideal storage for makeup, hair accessories, jewelry and other toiletries. These handy bags help in organizing your personal items comfortably. No more headache of searching for items that you need. Always find the right items at the right time when you need them. Additionally, it helps in avoiding damages that can be caused to your valuable items. GiftWrap presents you with “Small Vanity Bag” and “Deluxe Vanity Case” for you to store and manage your items. Deluxe vanity case offers multiple features; it has an extra storage for you to keep multiple things in it. This case comes with a fixed mirror, so you can do your touch up while traveling or if no ladies room is available nearby. Side zippered compartments are there to store some extra goods. The adjustable and removable shoulder strap makes it easier to carry.