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When it is time for you to go for a workout, it is always important to wear a good comfortable sweatband that would keep your wrists dry. The one at Giftwrap is not only made from a perfectly elastic material that fits your wrist perfectly, but also comes with a zipper compartment. Store away money, keys, or garage controller in the zipper while you are busy working out. No need to carry a wallet anymore. The bands by Giftwrap come in blue, lime, red, pink, and many other colors. So that you have a different band for every different day of the week you are working out on.

Runner's Sweatband

Cotton wrist sweatband with zipped compartment
Minimum Quantity
Turnaround Time
Colours Available
Heat press
Black, Lime, Blue, Red, Royal blue, Pink
R 22.06

Cotton wrist sweatband with zipped compartment

8 (l) x 8(w) cm