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We all love pizza and if you are making pizza at home, know that you will need a range of things in order to start cooking and one of them is a pizza board. A pizza board should be a good quality one because otherwise, it will defeat your whole purpose of making a pizza. Therefore, when it comes to pizza boards, a good quality one that you can find is at Giftwrap. Offering an acacia rectangular cutting board that comes with a handle, making your pizza on this pizza board will be an easy feat. You can try the pizza board by placing it on the designated place and then making your pizza on it. If you are looking for a decent pizza board that will withstand the test of time, try the acacia pizza cutting board at Giftwrap and you won’t be disappointed.

Acacia pizza cutting board

Acacia rectangular cutting board with handle
Minimum Quantity
Turnaround Time
Colours Available
R 457.15

Acacia rectangular cutting board with handle