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Sub Categories For Pencils Range

We use pencils on a daily basis for a variety of purposes and Giftwrap has some of the best ones of these to offer. Offering pencils in three different varieties namely clutch pencils, coloring pencils and pencils in general, we work to ensure that we offer our customers the exact variety they need to fulfill their pencil needs. Our clutch pencils are available for R 2.80 each. The clutch pencil is unique and innovative and works to ensure that your work is completed with precision. The clutch pencil comes with an eraser and a 0.7 mm HB Lead. On the other hand, as far as coloring pencils are concerned, gift wrap offers prismatic pencils and plum pencils set for incredible pricing. The Prismatic Pencils are 6 color pencils in a brown kraft paper box whereas the plum pencil set is a set of 6 color pencils available in a colorful pencil box. Both pencils are great to be used as writing instruments and deliver an efficient and fast response. Lastly, we also offer a range of standard pencils namely the Etch Pencil, Golf Plastic Pencil, Liquorice Pencil, Basic Wooden Pencil amongst others all that fall in the range of competitively great pricing and are good for daily writing projects.