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Whether you are traveling or within the city, panama hats kind of and sort of always look good, especially if we are going to the beach. For those who want a nice panama hat, look no further as Giftwrap offers the woven straw hat that has a black cotton band and a sweatband in general. The hat is available in natural black color and you can choose to get printing done on its band. The cap measures 57 cm x 60 cm and is ideal to be worn around the city! When it comes to accessorizing the look, hats are a perfect way to do that. The panama hats glamorize your look and protect you from harsh weather conditions as well. Stay cool in summers, dry in rain, and warm in winters. One canít expect to be out on the beach and not have a panama hat to carry off the look. Hats are a perfect way to market your company and your brand. Get it customized by Giftwrap the way you want and even get it printed with your promotional tags to make sure than when out in the open, the business gets promoted too. Get in contact with us and allow us to customize it for you.

Panama Hat

Woven Straw Hat;Black cotton Band; sweat band
Minimum Quantity
Turnaround Time
Colours Available
Printing on band
Natural Black
R 116.80

Woven Straw Hat;Black cotton Band; sweat band

57cm medium,60cm Large