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Multi Coloured Pens

We usually need multi colored pens to do our homework or drawing and coloring. Irrespective of what the purpose might be, Giftwrap offers two types of multi colored pens; the Quattro 4 in one pen and the 4 in 1 lanyard pen. The former is a silver plastic pen that comes with a rubber grip and its ink has 4 colors. You can choose to color in black, blue, red and green. The second is a 4 in 1 lanyard pen. It is a silver sprayed plastic pen that comes with a rubber grip. The rubber grip makes it utterly easy to hold the pen. You can use the pen for a range of purposes and it comes with a lanyard as well so you can easily wear it around and it won't be a problem. The 4 in 1 lanyard pen comes in different inks namely blue, red and green. Whether you want a pen for designing or want a pen for general use, these multi colored pens are a great choice. The best thing is that you can choose to even get pad printing done on them. Get one of the pens at Giftwrap and you won't be disappointed with the results.