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Leather Pens

Want a nice pen that you can use at all times? Want a reliable measure for your home or office? If you are looking for leather pens then look no further as Giftwrap offers the ostrich skin pens. These are pens made out of ostrich skin and are available in a range of colors namely black, pink, red, blue and purple. Highly unique in design, these pens can be used on a daily basis for a range of purposes. We need pens to write and sometimes we might need some more advanced pens. If you are looking for a good and nice pen that is different from the usual ones you find, try the ostrich skin pens at Giftwrap. These pens are highly unique in the way they appear and they will stand out no matter what. The best part is that these are available in a range of colors namely pink, red, blue, purple and others so you can easily find one according to your choice and you won't be disappointed. For all kinds of purposes, the ostrich pens are a great find because they work brilliantly well and will not disappoint. Get a pen from Giftwrap to try and find out how leather pens work.

Ostrich skin pens in green;black;pink;red;blue and purple
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Ostrich Skin Pens
R 312.00 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 355.68 each* (VAT Incl.)
Min qty:10
*Price Estimate Excludes Branding