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Looking for a nice humidifier that can work wonders for you during the winters? Look no further as Giftwrap has the right set to offer. Offering the wooden ball humidifier, this is a great humidifier for office and home use. The humidifier comes with a suitable size so you can easily place it in your home or office, the choice is yours. The humidifier is excellent for small spaces and you can expect it to work wonders in small spaces. Generally, for those who want a compact humidifier under a reasonable budget, this is an excellent choice because it is made out of wood so it can withstand different temperatures and is light in general and with its affordability, you can expect to get it with ease.

Wooden Ball Humidifier

Wooden ball humidifier suitable for a 15m2 room.
Minimum Quantity
Turnaround Time
Colours Available
R 1104

Wooden ball humidifier suitable for a 15m2 room.

600ml/35mlper hour mist outset