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Hard Hats

Hard hats are usually required in sports and for all those who need a nice hard hat, look no further as Giftwrap offers the unique hard hat available in white, green, royal, yellow, red and orange colors. The hard hat at Giftwrap is SABS approved and therefore, are safe to use. Choose your hard hat in your choice of color and love the results! These are unique hats that fulfill their purpose well. Hard hats are used by engineers, laborers and other workers who have to work outdoors. These are perfect to wear in all weather conditions. These protect from heat, rain, sunlight, dust and wind. They also keep head warm in Winter. It's good to customize them by getting a logo of your company. These are available in a wide range of colors such as yellow, green, royal blue, orange, white and red. You can buy according to your choice, taste or desired color. Minimum order quantity is 100. Feel free to request a quotation now. You will be happy with our warm customer support and quick response. Giftwrap offers nationwide delivery, to doorstep. Order now.