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Ladies want a nice hand bag or two that they can carry around whenever they want. If you are someone looking for a nice hang bag, look no further as Giftwrap has a nice collection to offer. Available at Giftwrap is the lyon bag, which is stylish bag great for every lady's needs. This bag is made out of jute and comes in a 450 w x 315 h x 155 d dimensions. Overall a classic to wear, this bag is available in faun color and you can choose to get screen print and heat transfer on it. The second is the ladies fashion hand bag which is available in black, red and parch. This is a nice bag with a colorful exterior. It has black PU accents and it comes with the right handles to ensure that you are carrying it right. The bag comes with an inner and outer zipper. Overall, a great and stylish bag for day to day use, this bag is a must have for ladies who want an everyday bag. Finally, Giftwrap also offers the ladies stylish laptop bag. This bag has separate compartments for different purposes. It comes with a pouch and other compartments that let you carry your electronics right.