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Guest Directory Folders

Are you tired of making folders to place guest lists? If yes then a directory is all you need to manage your list either at work or home. Gift-wrap provides you with an A4 leather guest directory folder. It has 4 rings to hold the pages attached. It is available in black colour. You can also get it customized according to your need. Get it embossed, engraved with laser technology or silkscreen. We are all putting our guest lists in folders but wouldn't it be nice if you had a nice guest directory cover? Giftwrap offers the benvenuto A4 guest directory cover which is available in black. This is a kudu leather A4 guest directory cover that has a 4 ring middle section that can hold all the pages. It is available in black but you can always get customizations, engravings and silk screen printing done, the choice is yours. The guest directory folders at Giftwrap are a must have if you want some organization and order in your life.