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Appropriate to be used in every event, a disposable digital camera makes for a perfect commodity to own. If you are looking for the best disposable digital camera at the most affordable rates, donít wait anymore and get one from Giftwrap. The elegant looking VQ15 Single use digital camera is available in the black color that adds to its look and class and it fulfills your photography purpose in the most efficient manner. It is always good to have a decent camera for your occasions. If you are looking for a nice disposable digital camera, try the one at Giftwrap. A VQ15 digital single camera, you can use it daily as it is disposable. The camera is utterly unique in its appearance in the sense that it has black corners and a white mid. The camera can be used on different occasions such as birthday parties, weddings or any others, the choice is yours. Therefore, for any camera need that you need to fulfill, the camera at Giftwrap is incredible. It is affordable and it is unique and it will definitely make sure that it fulfills your purpose of having a camera. The camera takes incredible pictures so rest assured, with this camera on hand, you will not miss out any great occasion.

Disposable Digital Camera

VQ15 Digital Single Use disposable camera
Minimum Quantity
Turnaround Time
Colours Available
R 168

VQ15 Digital Single Use disposable camera