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Desk Pens

Why do we need a desk pen? Well the answer is simple and obvious. We need a desk pen for a range of purposes and when it comes to desk pens, we cannot neglect the importance of the two at Giftwrap. Giftwrap offers two main types of pens namely the standing desk pen and the standing desktop pen. The former is a plastic pen that comes with a colored trim. There is also an extended spring cable attachment so you can easily place the pen on your desk and then use it as you want. The pen has a plastic color base and comes with adhesives. The pen is an ideal choice for doing day to day work. On the other hand, the standing desktop pen is a metal pen with a TC tip. This is a German documental black ink pen that has a stainless steel barrel that lets you hold it in the right way. There is also an AS plastic with a metallic finish so you can expect the pen to last long. Generally, ideal for day to day use, both pens will come in handy for your office purposes.