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Products for Coffee Pots

Holding our coffees has never become easier, thanks to coffee pots. If you are looking for coffee pots, look no further, as Giftwrap offers the classic coffee pot and lid. Available in white, the coffee pot is ideal for holding your coffee in the right manner. The size of the pot is ideal so you can be sure that you are holding at least 3-4 cups of coffee in it. Who doesnít like coffee? Be it winters or summers, a day has never truly begun without a good cup of coffee. If you are presenting it to guests at home or want to store the one you made in the morning so that you can keep using it, again and again, coffee pots will help you a great deal. We at Giftwrap offer you full colored printing of the coffee pots that we offer. Get in contact with our team and get your brandís image printed even on the coffee pots you have in your workplace. They would also be a great way to make them a customized gift option for all your corporate clients.

Classic Coffee Pot and Lid

Classic Coffee Pot and Lid 1lt
Minimum Quantity
Turnaround Time
Colours Available
1 to full Colour printing
R 20.50

Classic Coffee Pot and Lid 1lt