Silver and clear acrylic cocktail shaker

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Silver and acrylic cocktail shaker

Silver and clear acrylic cocktail shaker

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R 38.11 each* (VAT Excl.)
R 43.45 each* (VAT Incl.)
Size : 20x30mm
Min Qty : 100

Silver and acrylic cocktail shaker

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Stainless steel cocktail shaker, made of stainless steel, silver in color, used in making and serving the cocktail. The stainless shaker is where all the mixture for the cocktail are mixed together, stand upright, with a narrow opening at the top, slant sides and a well covered flat bottom that makes it stand uprightly. They are mostly used at the bar and bartenders do flip them to mix it thoroughly before serving.
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Plastic cocktail shaker, features: 3-piece plastic cocktail shaker, 550ml cup, 1x cup with sieve, 1x lid
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The Stainless steel cocktail set, is a set of utensils that consist of a jar used to hold liquid substance of about 350ml, a tong for picking up ice cubes, a stirrer used for stirring up or mixing together substances in the jar, a flat spoon for adding ingredients a small cup to measure ingredients and a stainless cork to cover the jar. This set goes in a packaged box as a gift to a friend.
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