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Carry Cooler Bags

If you want a nice cooler bag that you can carry your drinks and food in, look no further as Giftwrap offers the Picnic cooler bag. Available in three colors, black, blue and orange, the bag has a 15kg carrying capacity and comes with a zipper and round lid that ensures its safety. The total measurements of the cooler at 45 x 42 x 29 which makes it ideal for carrying daily usage. Carry bags are extremely important and are great to have around when you are traveling. They help keep your valuables and delicate things safe. The carry bags have numerous small pockets to hold all the small items you are carrying and make sure that you do not lose them on the way. Their compact size makes them easy to carry and store as well. At Giftwraps we deal with a wide range of carry bags that if branded with your company's image or logo would make up to be a great corporate giveaway. Not only are they great for personal use but would help promote your business too.